Saturday, 17 March 2012

Update March 2012: What I've Been Buying/Swapping

I haven't done one of these posts for so long, have I really not brought anything for that long? Who knows! Anyway I had to head to town yesterday as both Chris and I managed to win on the Hotel Chocolat competition that was running, sadly all the prizes are gone now! But we both won a thick easter egg, worth £26 each?!

I'm yet to try it, I'm so fussy when it comes to chocolate, I only like cadburys or posh white chocolate, so I hope I like it! I got the "You Crack Me Up" egg and Chris got the "Rocky Road to Caramel" egg. Both have an extra thick egg and 12 chocolates, not bad for free, not sure I'd pay £26 for an Easter Egg, but your budgets might be different! But yes we both had a bit of lucky streak it seems, I couldn't believe it! It was very cool! I thought there would be some kind of catch, but there was not!

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I've been moaning all week about being ill and to be honest, I'm not much better, but I had some amazing news on Thursday so I've been forcing myself out of bed and on with life! I had a call from ITV asking to come in and work for them on their new show Surprise, Surprise - hosted by the gorgeous Holly Willoughby. I'm overly excited and feeling very lucky! Naturally that meant I had to go and have my hair all tidied up, which was a bit of a compromise with myself to get out of bed! The hairdresser used the amazing Tigi Sugar Dust on my hair again, which I absolutely love - I'm very glad as I've swapped some stuff to get some of it! I can't wait for it to arrive! She also used this magic spray that stopped my hair from going all static?! I need to know what it is! It came in a black spray can like hairspray! I then had to head to Uni for the first time all week to have a little meeting with my team and pitch our 8-minute film Goodchild. All under wraps for now I'm afraid! 

After my meeting I went into town and treated myself to a few things, which is bad, as I have a HUGE train fare to pay for ITV, but I needed a few bits and couldn't resist the rest! I finally found a perfect pair of jeans so I needed a new pair of neutral ballet pumps. Unfortunately I have really wide feet, so I have to get the wide fit range from New Look (I'd love to know if anyone else knows of a company that does a similar range?). They didn't have much in the way of shoes, but I got these which I like, I wouldn't say the pictures do much justice!

Superdrug is always my downfall when it comes to shopping, mainly because I want every type of nail polish and MUA product there is to own! I ended up putting A LOT of stuff back as I was going a bit overboard!

I think I was quite restrained in the end! I brought a new MUA eyeshadow shade and a NYC shade I've been wanting to try for ages! Also I got a No.7 voucher buying some flu remedies in Boots so I got this beautiful pink shade! One thing I am interested in is this Ooh La Spa facial wash, I've never seen it before, but it caught my eye in Superdrug as it was half price. This was £2.49 instead of £4.99 and it looks a lot like the Sanctuary range when you see it in the shop. I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Some of the Ooh La Spa range
My latest addiction is Beauty Box Swaps on Facebook, I've made two swaps so far and can see it getting out of hand already! But in all fairness, I have a ton of things I won't use and a ton of things I want to try, so why not swap and get a whole new collection of things to try!

My swaps
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