Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ooh La Spa

I mentioned last week about the new face wash I'd brought from Superdrug that I was really excited to try, it's from a  range by Ooh La Spa (I know right, what a name!) and its quickly become my favourite product.

As well as the name there is so much I love about it, first of all the packaging. Ooh La Spa's products come in this light blue/grey colour and a bright orange colour, which both remind me of the Sanctuary range. Possibly this is a standard or common style that spa products incorporate, or maybe a direct rip off, but either way I love it. It is very swish and stylish and looks great. The bottle is a great size, and a good design. I know that the face wash by Body Shop that I standardly use has a stupid design so when you reach the end of the bottle it's a royal pain to use the last drops. I do like to get my moneys worth!

This particular wash is an exfoliating scrub  and it's really unlike anything I've used before. Instead of the standard exfoliating balls that are quite large and don't actually go into your pores and end up guiding straight over the skin, you have this little miniature design that you can't even see. It literally is amazing, the wash is crammed full of these tiny little exfoliating beads and get into every pore imaginable.

You use the scrub like every other wash, I use mine in the shower, so wash the skin with you face wash and then follow with this, massage into the skin and then wash the wash and the impurities away. It sounds ridiculous as the point of an exfoliating wash is to clean your skin, but you instantly feel your skin feeling clean and refreshed, in a way I can't really describe! It also left my skin feeling naturally soft and revitalised. You know when some products leave you with clean, soft skin, which feels just unnatural and a bit yuck? Not this, it's just healthy and natural. I just can't praise it enough!

My big test for the product was my toner, I mentioned the other week that with my Body Shop scrub left quite a lot of dirt and impurities to be washed away by the toner? But this product had significantly less dirt and muck on the cotton bud, which must be a good sign!

I brought this particular bottle half price in the Superdrug store, but it usually retails at £5 a bottle, I suppose it generally depends on your opinions on the price of skin care, but for me £5 for a product that does what it says on the tin, is not bad value at all! I'd be interested in trying out the range with all the different products as a full regime!

***** 5 out of 5! 
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