Sunday, 18 March 2012

Battle of the Concealers #1

I have to admit, if there is one item in my make up bag that has multiplied in the last 4 months, it's my concealer collection.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm in no way a make up or beauty expert, but I am a very picky make up wearer. Firstly out of nature, I'm so pale I couldn't explain it in words, most of the time the lightest shades are often too dark, so what I can wear is limited. I can't get away with many looks. But also out of choice, I'm very picky and I'm very much a lover of the natural look! 

I'd never really been interested in concealer until recently and to be honest, I'm only just getting to understand how to use it to it's advantage, but I thought I'd share with you, the three in my collection and explain what I think of them.

The first one I'm going to look at is this one from Collection 2000! I actually did not buy this product, I got it free in a goody bag at The Clothes Show in December. The only place I can find it online is on Collection 2000's actual website, it's not on either the Boots or Superdrug sites, but if you google you can find it in other places for between £1.50 and £4. The website is very vague about the product, simply stating "Conceals skin blemishes for a flawless look."

I really love the packaging, although it's very similar to the Rimmer Hide The Blemish Concealer, so not too sure who stole that from who, ha!  I think it's very sleek and sophisticated, I do like nice packaging! The first thing you'll notice is that the concealer is by far, not in the right shade for me, which most things I get for free never are! Which is a shame, as I wouldn't say its a horrific product! It does what it's supposed to do and it is relatively simple to use. 

It blended into the skin really easily, especially as it was completely the wrong shade and it's coverage is good, not flawless for sure, but for £3 what can you expect? I would say what the product is missing is a second shade, like one I'll review later in the week! I think what the post is missing is some before and after pics, which I think I will get round to doing!

Overall, not too shabby, but I definitely think it could do better!
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