Thursday, 1 March 2012

And the mystery product was...

So last week I blogged about the Skincare Revolution and today the big "reveal" took place. The mystery product set to "change your beauty regime forever" is Clearasil's Vitamins & Extracts Wash & Mask.

Here's what Clearasil posted about the product;

"Vitamins & Extracts Wash & Mask is the product that you've all been testing.
A creamy 2 in 1 cleanser that can be used as a daily wash or an indulgent treat when left on the skin as a three-minute mini facial mask. It contains clarifying salicylic acid with a blend of avocado, pomegranate extracts and vitamin E known to nourish the skin, so it’s extra gentle but strong enough to clear away impurities. 150ml for £4.99"

I'm really surprised by this because my skin has always HATED Clearasil products and they have never liked my skin either, they've always left my skin dry and just lifeless. But as you know, this product perfomed pretty well when I tested it.

The product is going to retail at £4.99 for 100ml, which is pretty damn pricy really, but I am quite tempted to give it a go if it's something that works and hopefully it will be on some kind of special deal!

The range includes the two-in-one wash and mask, face wipes and scrub!
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