Sunday, 5 February 2012

A week of empty Latte mugs

A week of empty Latte mugs, I'm knackered!

Hello my lovely fellow bloggers, I hope you’re all very well! I’ve been so busy the last week, so thought I better have a little catch up with you all! I think Southampton is pretty much the only town today that is not covered by a sheet of white.

I feel kinda left out because even though it’s absolutely freeeeeezing there are no snowmen to be made! Of course that does mean that we don’t have to put up with the ice and slush mess that gets left behind but also means I can’t take any pretty pictures of my snow covered garden! This week has literally been amazing, it’s been full of amazingly good news for me, so I’m convinced that February is my month! I got a wonderful email telling me I’d made it into the ITV experience pool which was great news, I got selected to run for BBC (more on this later) and I’m one of five that the University has selected to go to a special Royal Television Society event where we get to pitch an idea to the boss of BBC3! Fantastic, everything has been making me smile!

Monday morning, well Tuesday actually, I have no lectures on a Monday, meant the start of the new term at Uni, I can’t believe it’s already my forth out of six terms at Uni, it’s getting scary now and I’m turning into a madwoman trying to do my absolute best in modules! No more Miss Nice Steph! Ha! I’m really excited for this term, my and my friends have ventured out of our comfort zone and have recruited three other members of our group to make a group of seven. I’m actually over the moon to not be producing AND directing the rest of the projects! It’s very hard work! Now I’m lucky enough to have a Director, Assistant Director and Director of Photography at my disposal! Lucky me! So that’s Factual Production, this term I’m also taking Videography and Producing for TV!

On Wednesday night and Saturday we went to our local pub with Chris and his friends for football/rugby and to play pool! It’s a big passion of Chris’ and I’m trying to get to a point where I can play a good game, I’m still rubbish by the way, but at least I’m trying! I’ve also been trying to bond with his friends so I don’t feel so left out and lonely all the time! I’m really enjoying getting to know them all, they are all really nice and it’s nice to go out and do something for a change!

On Thursday I now have this rubbish gap between lectures from 1-4:30pm which isn’t quite worth me going home and is rubbish being stuck at Uni, but this week I went to see my beautiful bestest Sophie, for lunch! I got some tomato soup and tiger bread from Asda, and went for a lovely chat! By the way, I LOVE that Sainsbury’s have changed their name for Tiger bread toGiraffe bread due to the letter the little girl sent, so cute!

My Outfit for the BBC on Saturday!

This weekend I’ve been very lucky to be picked to be a runner for BBC on their live debate show; “The Big Questions”. It was great fun, a bit of trek but thoroughly worth it and I really loved every second! Unfortunately my mobile phone was broken when I woke up this morning, I was planning to take lots of pictures of the set! They set up in a school and it was amazing to watch a massive studio be built from scratch and see it get taken down in about 5 minutes at about ten minutes past 11 when the show was over! My job on the shoot varied, but the main part was looking after the “Front Row Guests” which are, in a sense, the VIPS of the show. I’m a huge people person, so it was great fun! It was also a bit closer to what I want to do in the industry, working with contributors and such! Either way I loved every second, but gutted I have no photographs!

All the HD television vans on location

The Grammar school the show was held at!

I’ve been spending my days this week trying to keep out of the cold as much as possible, but my 9am starts certainly don’t leave much room for warm lay-ins! It’s times like this I absolutely hate being a student in a student house, where central heating doesn’t even exist! I’d give anything to be able to shove the thermostat on and not have to use electric heaters! Although getting anywhere has been very difficult, I think I’ve trapped a nerve in my back, so when I walk around I get a horrible pain and I lose the feeling in my legs! Not ideal!

So that’s what I’ve been up to this week! I hope you’ve all been busy and had good fun!
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