Saturday, 25 February 2012


When I was grabbing a few basic bits from H&M earlier this week, I noticed that they had a small selection of nail polish available and I just had to buy it!
The set I opted for were a set of three little polishes named; metallic petrol, metallic grey and spark me up. They were a tiny £2.99 for the set. Continuing my love for glitter polishes at the moment, I really wanted to try this one because it had all different colour glitters in it, rather than just one plain colour which is quite cool! The set performed pretty well! It was really easy to apply, the handle was not some random shape that made everything awkward, the colour coverage was pretty good too; strong pigmented but easy enough to achieve different shades. The downside of these, like most cheaper nail polishes is the time it took to dry, it wasn't quite ideal! But I mean, this is easy to get around, just allow a little extra time for doing your nails! 

I love the colour of these, I love the different colours in the glitter, it's really cute, I'm also deeply in love with blue colours at the moment, I really want to get OPI Dating A Royal, why o why are they so expensive?! :(  Given the price of these beauties, I'd give them a 4/5 - they lose a point for the slow drying!
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