Thursday, 1 December 2011

Desperate Scousewives

As I've mentioned many a time before I'm a reality television junkie. I love it all, from The Hills and Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica back in the day, to the stuff we see on our screens now, I've always been a fan!

My biggest love recently has been Made in Chelsea. I absolutely love it! Like most other reality television junkies, I can't explain why I find it all entertaining? I just love being wrapped up in someone's life, its such a good thing to get lost in. And before you say it, I know the majority of these programmes are faked or heavily edited, but I think that it adds to the whole mystery of it all! I don't feel cheated by not knowing what's real and what's not, I feel intrigued! Reality television is definitely my guilty pleasure!

Naturally I was gutted when the last episode of Made in Chelsea was aired last week and I'm finding myself missing it already! I was so excited that it had been aired for a third season, but for now we have to wait! I was quite excited to see what E4 might have to replace Made in Chelsea after its departure, E4's programming schedule is something I adore, it completely caters to my tastes! But what have we been left with to replace it? Desperate Scousewives?!

Now I'm as surprised as you are that I don't like this programme, I mean, I love all these kinds of programmes. But I just can't help but find it to be the most stupid, ridiculous programme ever to be aired on E4! Its just so cheesy and in your face and for me, the lover of reality television that really is saying something!

Firstly, I'm not quite sure what they are trying to achieve with the programme? Most of these kinds of reality programmes are full of people trying to prove that they don't live up to their stereotypes and that in many ways, they are just normal people like me and you. But the whole episode I watched was just full of women acting airheads and living up to all the blonde stereotypes that they are shunned with.

The only thing I can come up with is that they are trying something as shocking and and niche as The Only Way is Essex? A small area of the country populated by extravagant people or those who seem to be British Eccentrics, surprising us all with their charm and laughter.  But I've got to be honest I think Desperate Scousewives has fallen flat on its forehead!

I know the programme is tagged with the old line "some scenes are made for your entertainment" but I can't help but think the whole things been scripted from start to finish? I have no idea where they found the characters either, but I don't connect with any of them in the slightest. There isn't a character I wish I could be or one I can relate to! Its just a load of people strutting around pretending to be something their not! Which I find quite sad, I actually think if we'd watched some real ordinary people from Liverpool, the story would probably be a whole lot more entertaining! At least then we might have had some normal, real life issues to watch unfold, the whole episode I'm sure was just 2 models sitting in their underwear and then another too women apparently "waking up" in their bras? I don't know about anyone else, but I don't sleep in my bra, let alone a bra that makes my boobs look like they are trying to suffocate me! 

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with people aspiring to be something different to what they are, or even modelling as a career! I'm a strong believer that if it's the career you want - go for it! I just can't help but think these women have been taken advantage of by the producers and consequently made to look ridiculous, with hope that they might become the next TOWIE! Which is really sad!

Stop trying to be The Only Way is Essex folks, such fame and success will not come around twice - I mean, I don't even know how they did it the first time!

I'd love to hear your opinions on the programme, you can watch it here;

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