Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My week in pictures

Here are a few pictures from my last week, nothing to majorly exciting but still sticking to my goal of making the most of my camera!

I've spent so many hours recently watching my FRIENDS box set! I started from the very first episode and am making my way through! It's something I really love having on in the background whilst I work. Chris never really watched FRIENDS and I've had him actually glued to the television instead of him writing his academic paper! He actually came into the kitchen the other afternoon and said "The end of that episode was so sad, Rachel went to the airport to get Ross to tell him she loved him and he's come back with Julie" - oh the ramblings of a new FRIENDS fan! He actually got me the box set the very first Christmas we were together! I think I fell in love with him all over again when I unwrapped it!

Continuing my love for shabby chic, I brought the cutest little plaque which is two birds and the words peace made from distressed metal. I love love love love! 

Of course The Icing on the Cake documentary is completely finished now, it makes me a little sad actually! God knows why in all honesty, but it was something I really enjoyed! So this is a picture of the final DVD cover that we submitted with it! The final picture was my homemade apple crumble from last week, because what would one of my weekly blogs be with out some kind of homemade food!
Following my abandonment of New Look, my package from H&M!

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