Thursday, 31 March 2016

Thursday Tittle-Tattle #36

'Thursday Tittle Tattle', is a Hope, Freedom, Love blog series that has quickly become home to some of my popular posts. The series is dedicated to breaking news of the beauty world. From time-to-time, Thursday’s blog post will be dedicated to news featuring; beauty and lifestyle news, events, discounts, and even a bit of fashion news thrown in too! This is my favourite time of year in the beauty world, as the focus has moved to spring. This week we’re talking about new makeup launches, candy inspired nail polish and some great offers. Keep reading for the latest beauty news that has caught my eye this week.

Bronze & Glow Collection from Daniel Sandler
The new collection from Daniel Sandler includes new shades of Daniel’s famous Watercolour Blush in; Golden Glow, Rose Glow and Soft Bronze. They are fabulous new highlighting products, they are “100% blendable and water-resistant”. You can pick them up from and other retailers, priced at £15.50.

New boosters collection from Clarins
This collection is so exciting and I’ve personally never come across anything similar. The collection of Boosters is three formulations that have been “turbo charged”. You add these to your existing skincare products (including face creams, masks or foundations) and they “boost” your existing products. The new boosters Energy, Repair and Detox, they will retail for £30 each.

By Terry’s ‘Liftessence’ collection
By Terry have released a six-piece new collection, which is packed with rose extracts (which is great for replenishing the skin. The new Liftessence collection works to stimulate the skin, working to produce essential elastin and collagen. It gives our skin a little lift and adds a sculpting effect. By Terry say it’s a perfect range for anyone who is concerned by fine lines, as this range fights early signs of ageing. Shop the new collection at Cult Beauty now. 

KIKO Candy Nails Range
I’m a sucker for any exciting nail polish release and the KIKO Candy Nails Range sounds amazing. The new KIKO MILANO nail polish collection is inspired by confectionery decorations.  This is a new limited edition range which includes four different types of lacquer in 16 shades. The new lacquers include; Frozen Smoothies Nail Lacquer (made with particles to look like a smoothie), Candy Sprinkles Nail Lacquer (finished with matte sprinkles), Sugar Sparkles Nail Lacquer (finished with glitter) and Candy Canes Nail Lacquer (multicoloured particles for a 3-D finish). The range is actually made to be mixed and matched, so you can create loads of different decorations and effects. Shop the collection here

SpaceNK site revamp
Have you noticed that SpaceNK have updated their website? It’s had a sparkly revamp and it’s much nicer than the original. They’ve made it easier to search for products and they’ve also made it easier to browse on mobile.

Need a wardrobe update?
ASOS have taken 20% off the retail price of tons of fabulous spring products until Friday! So if you act fast you can pick up a bargain! I’m personally in love with this Olivia Burton watch, I love the floral details. I’m also in love with the scallop handbag, which I think would finish any spring outfit and its only £14! Shop the full offer here

Free £25 gift when you spend £30 with Makeup Revolution
Considering picking up some Makeup Revolution goodies? Right now you can get a free £25 gift when you spend £30 on the Makeup Revolution website. Just add the products to your basket and Makeup Revolution does the rest of the work. The offer ends on Friday 1st April, so you need to move quickly.

Portable Spotlight from Marc Jacobs
I’m obsessed with this new product from the genius team at Marc Jacobs Beauty. Portable Spotlight is a cream highlighter, which has been put into a stick formula. Portable Spotlight has been created to be a “universal shade” to suit all skintones. It is a sheer cream, which gives a “mist-like radiance” to the skin. The formula is packaged with a balanced ratio of gold and silver pigments. Check it out here

Bee Good launch Spring lip balm
The new Lime Blossom & Honey Lip Balm from Bee Good sounds lovely. The lip balm is inspired by lime blossom which has been mixed with notes of sweet British wildflower honey.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Convertible Lip & Cheek Color From Stila

I feel like the cream blusher trend comes around every single year and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. There is something so lovely about cream blusher in the Spring, it just feels so comfortable and fresh. This season the catwalks, it was all about applying bright blusher high up on the cheekbones. I couldn't think of a product that suits this trend more than the Convertible Lip & Cheek Color from Stila*. 

These blushers really get some rave reviews, so I was so excited to finally try them for myself. The blushers come packaged in a stunning round compact and the colours change depending on the blusher inside. The compact is decorated with the Stila logo and lots of pretty flowers. The compact is slim and small, inside you even get a mirror, so they are perfect for travelling.

The blushers are definitely warranted all the hype they receive! I've recently fallen in love with these Convertible Lip & Cheek Colors, they are just gorgeous cream blushers, which are incredibly pigmented! I don’t actually think I’ve ever seen so much pigment in a cream product before. Normally with cream blusher, you really need to load up your brush, but when I did that with these, I ended up looking like a cartoon. Luckily they blend beautifully, so I just needed a bit of dedicated blending with my foundation brush and I was good to go.

I'm quite prone to getting stuck in a blusher rut, but I’ve been playing with so many lovely shades. There are 13 different shades in total, but my favourites are Tulip (a bright pink), Lillium (a natural pink shade) and Gladiola (a orange/coral shade). The Convertible Lip & Cheek Colors retail for £16 each and you can pick them from Marks and Spencer. 


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Lately I've Been Reading... | Blogger Reads

It's been quite some time since I shared a 'reading list' on Hope, Freedom, Love. Back in the day it would be quite a frequent affair, but these days I really struggle to find the time to read anything. However, recently I've been taking the time to find magazines that are away from the mainstream. So today I wanted to share a quick post, to show you my favourite blogger reads that grace my bedside table for night time reading!

Blogosphere Magazine
I actually bought the first every issue of Blogosphere Magazine and I thought it was about time I got reacquainted. I was actually very excited to see Lily Pebbles on the cover, but also one of my favourite bloggers Alice, has written a feature inside too. Blogosphere Magazine is a magazine written by bloggers for bloggers and it's available internationally. Each magazine is split into six sections; beauty, fashion, food, travel, lifestyle and photography. Each section is full of amazing articles about interesting topics, full of the best bits of the blogging world. Inside you can find guides, interviews and first person pieces, so there’s really something for everyone. Learn more about Blogosphere Magazine here

Frankie Magazine
I actually found this magazine in Germany, as I was looking for something to entertain me in the airport, that was actually available in English. Frankie Magazine is actually a bi-monthly magazine which comes from Australia. It's mainly aimed at women (and men), who are interested in design, art, photography, fashion, travel, music, craft, interiors and real-life stories. What caught my eye was that this issue was that it was stuffed full of awesome extras (gift tags, cards, pull-out notepaper and a wall planner). However I quickly fell in love with the content, the subjects and the stunning photography!

Let me know about your favourite reads in the comments below, I need some inspiration! 

Monday, 28 March 2016

Rosie For Autograph Beauty Collection

The Rosie For Autograph beauty collection has been making a bit of a splash in the bloggersphere. However, it wasn't until I saw it in action in a Lisa Eldridge video that I became obsessed with trying it. The Rosie For Autograph Beauty Collection is the latest addition to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ever growing collaboration with Marks & Spencer.  

ThRosie For Autograph Beauty Collection is a huge collection, currently standing at 48 different items and shades. The collection is designed to be an easy-to-use range, full to the brim with modern make-up classics. There really is something for everyone, there are concealers, cream eyeshadows, highlighting powders, eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks.

I can never resist a new highlighter and I loved the look of the Highlighting Powder. I've actually never used a loose powder highlighter and so this was a new experiment for me. In the pot it honestly doesn't look that special, but the first time I used this I was blown away. The Highlighting Powder really packs a punch, it's packed with glow and it looks almost pearlescent on the cheekbones. 

My other weakness in life is cream eyeshadow, so I knew I had to try the Cream Eyeshadow Stick. I picked up the shade 'Almond Eyes' and I so happy that the formula is beautiful. It honestly glides on so smoothly and the formula feels like butter. It blends out really easily too, giving you a lovely pigment with a metallic finish. They last really well (even on my oily eyelids) and they do not crease. 

You cannot deny that this whole collection is packaged beautifully and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it performed. I wasn't sure whether the hype surrounding the launch could be believed, but I'm glad that both these products were worth the pennies. You can shop the full Rosie For Autograph Beauty Collection at Marks & Spencer, prices start at £8.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Spring Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadows from By Terry

Since caving to cult and trying the Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadows in August last year, I've been obsessed. By Terry have recently released two new shades of the Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadows especially for Spring 2016. The new shades aim to bring the concept of eye-strobing to life, the two new shades aim to give an interesting sparkle to the eye.  

The Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadows come packaged beautifully, donning a purple reflective box and a gold tube, with a band of colour on the bottom. You pull off the lid and inside you find the crayon, which you twist up to use. The colour is so pigmented, you literally need the tiniest bit to give a sheer wash of colour. It's buildable too, which means you can do something more dramatic if the mood takes you. 

I already have two shades of the Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadows, but they are both quite bold statement shades. The new shades for Spring are both more nude, natural shades. Number 16 is called Nude Milky Way* and it’s a stunning ivory cream shade, paired with an opalescent shimmer. Number 17 is called Bubble Glow* which is a lovely marbled pink. I tend to apply the eyeshadow straight from the stick in the middle of my eye. I then use an eyeshadow brush, like the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, to spread it around. Finally, I take my MAC 217 brush to blend out the edges, it's so quick and easy! The texture is really buttery and it literally glides onto your skin with ease. You have a couple of minutes to play around and then the formula sets and stays put all day. It does not crease, smudge or fade! 

Bubble Glow and Nude Milky Way are available now and you can pick them up from Cult Beauty for £29 each here.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Palette

I've been using the Brush Egg for cleaning my brushes for a while now and I love it. However, I've found it a little bit small, so I've wanted something a little bit bigger. A few high end brush palettes started to creep onto the market, but I really did not want to spend a fortune. So when I saw the Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Palette, I got a little over excited. I knew HAD to have it - there were no ifs, no buts, it just went straight into my online shopping basket. 

Real Techniques believe that "great makeup application starts with a clean brush" and I wholeheartedly agree. Every single time I clean my brushes, applying my makeup feels like an absolute dream. So anything that encourages me to clean them more often, is a complete plus in my eyes. The 
Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Palette is designed to extend the life of our brushes. The palette makes it easier to clean, rinse and dry our brushes. The Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Palette is made of plastic which is flexible. On the pack of the palette, there's a little handle which makes it easy to hold. The surface of the palette is all textured in a variety of different ways. The different surfaces are designed for the different types of brushes. There's a surface for large, medium and small brushes, allowing you to work the soap into the brushes. This allows you to get all the makeup out of the brushes and get them as clean as possible.

I have to admit that I do not wash my brushes as much as I should, as I find it to be such a chore. However, I used the Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Palette for the first time last weekend and I was surprised at how easy it was. I was able to get through my 30-odd brushes really quickly and they did not require lots of rinsing or a second wash. Of course, by using a brush palette like this, you don't get the wrinkly horrible hands. I actually think that this is the best £15 I've ever spent, it is so practical and it makes washing brushes dreamy. 

Friday, 25 March 2016

Inside My Sample Drawer: Beyond Perfection By Clinique

The latest series on Hope, Freedom, Love is ‘Inside My Sample Drawer’. It’s dedicated to providing mini reviews on the samples that have been clogging up my makeup stash. So every now and then, I'll be sharing a cute miniature fresh from my sample drawer and sharing my first impressions of the product. Today I'm talking about Beyond Perfection from Clinique.

Beyond Perfection is a foundation and concealer that has been rolled into one, aiming to give you a perfected look. It’s a formula that has been made to be lightweight, whilst still giving you very good coverage. It doesn’t feel like you’ve covered your whole face in concealer, instead your skin feels perfected whilst still feeling comfortable. 

When I first tested Beyond Perfection, I immediately felt that the shade was too dark, despite it looking very light in the bottle. I did a bit of reading and found that you need to apply the foundation and then give it a few minutes to settle. Clinique say this is so the pigments in the formula can adapt to your skintone. It’s a weird way of working and it goes against your natural instincts, but it works!

Beyond Perfection comes with a fancy wand, which allows you to apply the product to the different areas of your face. You use the large backside of the wand to apply the product to your forehead, cheeks and chin. The angled tip has the ability to hold more product, so this is good for applying the foundation to your nose and your jawline. You can then use the pointy tip to conceal any extra trouble areas! 

There are 23 shades of Beyond Perfection, which is a very good selection. As always I suspect that there needs to be a bit more shade variety for darker skintones, but the light tones are definitely all catered for. All in all I think this is a very interesting product from Clinique, it’s nice to try something a little different. You can pick it up from the Clinique website and Boots for £25.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Thursday Tittle Tattle #35

'Thursday Tittle Tattle', is a Hope, Freedom, Love blog series that has quickly become home to some of my popular posts. The series is dedicated to breaking news of the beauty world. From time-to-time, Thursday’s blog post will be dedicated to news featuring; beauty and lifestyle news, events, discounts, and even a bit of fashion news thrown in too! This is my favourite time of year in the beauty world, as the focus has moved to spring. This week we’re talking about new makeup launches and some beautiful new palettes. Keep reading for the latest beauty news that has caught my eye this week.

The new Elizabeth Arden Sunset Bronze Limited Edition Color Collection
I have to admit that Elizabeth Arden makeup doesn't normally do it for me, but there is something about the Sunset Bronze Limited Edition that I love. The new collection has products for face, eyes and lips, it's lovely! One of my favourite products is the Sunset Bronze Prismatic Bronzing Powder. It's a combination of bronzing and highlighting shades, which minimise the look of fine lines and wrinkles. My over favourite product is the Sunset Bronze Prismatic Eye Shadow Palette, which has five beautiful shades.

Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Look Palette
The Instant Look Palette from Charlotte Tilbury, is blooming beautiful. This is designed to be THE all-in-one beauty palette and it have SEVEN of Charlotte Tilbury products. There are eyeshadows in the shades; Eye Brighten, Eye Enhance and Eye Smoke. There is also bronzer called Face Bronze, which you use to define the face. There are two blushers in Cheek Swish and Cheek Pop and a highlighter which comes in a candlelit shade. The best bit is that this is only £49, I actually cannot believe my eyes! It launches on 11th April.

Dermablend 3D Correction from Vichy
Dermablend 3D Correction is the latest foundation to join the Vichy Dermablend range. The formula is 100% oil free and it's designed to covers, smooth and improve the skin for 16 hours. Vichy says that it feels completely weightless on the skin allowing skin to breathe though the summer months. The ingredients include salicylic acid and eperulin, which cool down inflamed redness.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection
If the new Charlotte Tilbury palette does not rock your socks, then the new 
Hot Lips Collection will. There are 12 shades that have been inspired by 12 celebrities including; Nicole Kidman's Kidman's Kiss, Liv Tyler's Liv It Up and Kim Kardashian-West's Kim K.W. The collection will be supporting the Women for Women charity, so £1 from every sale will be donated to the charity in the first two months of launch. These will be available on June 27th and they will be priced at £23. 

Cheekathon from Benefit Cosmetics
If you're a fan of the cheek palettes from Benefit Cosmetics that they release at Christmas, you will love this. Benefit has announced the launch of Cheekatho which is a set of five FULL SIZED blushers and bronzers. It will retail for £44.50 and you can get it exclusively from House of Fraser and from 21st March. The shades include; Coralista, Dandelion, Hoola, Rockateur and Dallas.

Cheeky launches their Summer Nail Collection
The Summer Nail Collection will not be available until 23 May, but it is gorgeous! The collection includes; Stiletto (orange red), La La Land (pink), Peach Perfect (coral peach), Bloody Mary (red) and Pink Fizz (pink with glitter). 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The 2016 Spring Beauty Edit

For the last few weeks I’ve been testing, reviewing and trying out a load of products. What’s different to any other month I hear you ask? Well the sole purpose has been to create my official Spring Edit of 2016. I’ve tried a lot of products, some good, some bad, but these products are the ones I give my seal of approval. So if you’re looking to update your makeup bag, you can safely take out your shopping list and get stuck in. What I LOVE about Spring this year is that there are some really interesting trends. It’s not all about the pastel nails and understated makeup – although they are included!

Get that strobing glow from your skincare
I think it’s safe to say that the idea of ‘glowing’ skin isn’t leaving the beauty world anytime soon. A great way to really get strobing off to a good start, is to introduce it to your skincare. The Pulsaderm Buddy* only recently came into my life, but I’m already really impressed. Pulsaderm offers a whole range of innovative skincare devices. They are face brushes that use sonic pulsation technology, instead of more common oscillating or rotating brushes. The sonic pulsation technology applies sonic-micropulses to gently break away makeup, dirt and oil. Its great for cleanses your skin and really giving the skin a healthy glow.

I’ve tried a couple of serums from Vichy and I’m yet to be disappointed! The Vichy Idealia Life Serum* focuses on infusing radiance back into the skin. This makes it the perfect fit for anyone who suffers with skin that looks stressed and unbalanced. The serum stimulates our skin cells to repair tired skin, exfoliating the skin and allowing it to reflect light. It’s not greasy, it’s very light and it gives your skin a beautiful glowing finish, which is a perfect base for makeup.

By Terry’s Brightening CC Serum* introduces strobing to our complexion, to give us that natural glowing finish. The CC serum offers colour control, but also adds hydration and vitamin E. The pearlescent finish comes in a formula that feels weightless and soft on the skin. I have the shade Rose Elixir that is perfect for rose tones, brightening the skin and hiding signs of fatigue.

Spring eyeshadow trends: brightening shimmers and bold blues
By Terry have also released two new shades of the Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadows* for Spring. Number 16 is called ‘Nude Milky Way’ and it’s a stunning ivory cream shade, paired with an opalescent shimmer. Number 17 is called ‘Bubble Glow’ which is a lovely marbled pink. Both these new shades have the texture and finish of the others I’ve tried - they are truly stunning. In a similar vain they have a new shade of their Terrbly Khol Crayon*, in the shade White Wish. As you can imagine, this is a white shade which is designed to capture the light, making the eyes look better. 

A really interesting eyeshadow trend for this spring is blue eyeshadow, yes BLUE. It’s popping up all over the catwalk, but also all over the Spring releases. I know that I’m not brave enough to brace the blue eyeshadow trend, but if you’re less of a wimp, you might like Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade ‘Turquoise Fever’. Makeup Revolution also do some budget options, including their mono eyeshadow in ‘In The Deep’

Strong brows that frame our face
Strong brows had a strong presence on the Spring/Summer catwalks and I’m pleased that they are here to stay. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is a little tiny pencil and it takes the fuss out of doing your eyebrows. There's a pencil on one end and there's a handy spoolie on the other, the pencil itself is a very thin shape, which means you can literally draw on individual hairs. Another favourite of mine is the Hourglass Arch Sculpting Brow Pencil. The pencil itself is a triangle shape, which allows you to use it in lots of different ways. The flat edge allows you to fill in the thickest part of your brows, using broad strokes. The pointed tip allows you to fill in the sparse areas with fine lines.

Exaggerated eyelashes are on all the catwalks
Another odd trend for Spring 2016 comes in the form of exaggerated eyelashes. Normally, it’s all about a simple, understated curl, but huge eyelashes took center stage on the catwalk this season. My favourite mascara for recreating this look is from Marc Jacobs. The Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara is designed to give you epic lashes. It has an ultra-volumising formula that gives instant dimension. In just one quick coat you get thick lashes that almost look fake! 

Bright blush high on the cheekbones
I feel like the cream blusher trend comes around every single year and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. This year it’s all about applying bright blusher high up on the cheekbones. I’ve recently fallen in love with the Convertible Lip & Cheek Color from Stila*. These are gorgeous cream blushers, which are incredibly pigmented! I don’t actually think I’ve ever seen so much pigment in a cream product before. I apply these with a brush and they blend beautifully! I’ve been playing with so many shades, but my favourites are Tulip (a bright pink), Lillium (a natural pink shade) and Gladiola (a orange/coral shade).

If you’re looking for a powder blusher Paul and Joe have quite an extensive collection for springtime! They have released ten new shades of powder blusher and it’s pretty hard to pick a favourite! I’m obsessed with Secret D’or* (shade 01), as it’s a combination of champagne and gold, which is really pretty as a highlighter. Shade 04* is called ‘Cinema’ and it’s a blend of orange and pink to create something brighter. 

Classic Spring lip shades are back, but with a splash of matte red
I think we tend to think of red tones as a perfect finish for autumn/winter, but they played a big part on the spring/summer catwalks. Of course, the classic pink shades are back too. By Terry have released two new shades of their famous ‘Baume De Rose’ lip balms. There is number 7 Coral Stellar*, which is a coral/pink shade, but if you’re looking for something different Mauve Moon* is a lilac shade! These lip balms are nourishing, whilst adding a pop of iridescent colour.

Interestingly, darker shades including reds and wine hues are making an appearance this spring. I think that the Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Collection from Stila looks incredible. There are five new shades in total, but my favourite is ‘Bacca’ which is a raspberry shade. They are infused with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil so your lips stay hydrated. The brand new 'Instant Glow' range from Clarins, features new shades of the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. One of the shades is a beautiful plum pink shade named Plum Shimmer.

Bright and pastel polishes both have their place
The traditional pastel nail polish trend is back once again and my favourite pastel releases have to be from Barry M. The Speedy Dry Polishes, are without a doubt some of my favourite polishes in all of the nail industry. You get a lovely opaque coat of colour, which looks shiny and lasts beautifully. The two shades I have here are Freestyle* which is a pretty pink and Personal Best* which is pretty purple. They also have new shades of the Gelly Nail Paints range, Pink Lemonade* which is a neutral pink and Butterscotch Sundae* which is another neutral shade but with a yellow tone running through it.

It’s not all about pastel shades this season though, as bright matte nails are also very popular. Morgan Taylor have an amazing selection of bright polishes; including Sitting Pretty* (bright pink) and West Coast Cool* (bright blue). They even have a handy matte top coat, called Mattes A Wrap to finish them off nicely.

Keeping oily skin at bay in the warmer weather 
As I get older, my skin is getting drier but in the springtime, my oily t-zone likes to come out to play. So I’m always looking for products that can help my skin looking flawless all day everyday. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat* is a moisturiser that aims to fix oily at the source. You just use it daily and it provides long lasting hydration and it aims to mattify skin, win-win! 

Bath and body products to make our skin feel (and smell) amazing
I love to switch up my bath and body products in the springtime. There is nothing I love more than layering pretty scents so I smell amazing all day long. I’ve recently fallen in love with the KORRES Bergamot & Pear line. The Bergamot & Pear Body Milk* carries a fruity, citrus scent which includes notes of Apple, Pear, Orange, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Spearmint, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Amber.  It is incredibly moisturising and it contains Shea butter and Jojoba oil. 

Another great product is the Rose Precious Restoring Balm* from Roger & Gallet. This new product comes packaged in an authentic Parisian tin, you simply unscrew the lid of the tin to reveal the body balm that is hiding inside. The texture itself is not a traditional balm, the texture is closer to being a whipped cream texture, which is thick enough to add moisture and relief to the dry areas of your skin. 

Getting your feet fit for sandals
Okay, so it's not quite warm enough quite yet but it's getting close to sandals weather! Every year I prepare for sandal season, by using Hand Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex*! It's unlike any foot cream I've used in the past, because it's not a super thick formula. Instead it's a lovely lightweight texture, which soaks straight into the skin, but still makes a big impact with moisture.

Protect your skin with a great SPF
It’s important to protect our skin all year round, but when it comes to springtime, we start to spend a lot more time in the sun. Some of my favourite products include the Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Mist, which is an ultra-light mist, which is completely dry to the touch. I’m also a huge fan of the Anthelios range from La Roche-Posay. What is great is that they cater for every type of skin - sensitive skin included. They have the 'Comfort' range for dry skin, the 'Ultra-Light' range for normal/combination skin and the 'Anti-Shine' range for oily skin.

If you want to try something a bit different, NIVEA have launched a new SUN Roll-On! This is the very first roll-on for NIVEA, and helps to make the process of applying sun protection just that much easier. The roll-ons are available in SPF30 and 50, packaged in a handbag friendly size!

Hair with texture and beach waves
Again this is another trend which comes around every year and I love it, especially as I have a perm and curly hair all year round. The Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo* and Conditioner* from SACHAJUAN, is dedicated to created this look for you. The products aim to give you volume and that beachy feel to the hair. The Ocean Mist range is built on a formula of natural vegetable proteins, which give structure to the hair’s surface.

If you’re looking for something that adds illumination and shine to the hair, the PHYTOKERATINE Extreme range is lovely. My favourite product is the Exceptional Cream*, which repairs damaged hair, leaving it more supple and silky-smooth. It makes it easier to style and it protects it from heat, it also has anti-frizz and anti-humidity properties, which is perfect for holidays!

Light Spring scents
Since June last year the Fleur de Figuier Eau de Parfum* has been my favourite perfume, I finished my first bottle of this in record time and it holy grail status in my collection. Inside the fragrance we have a combination of; Fig Pulp, Mandarin, Pink Peppercorn, Patchouli, Musk, Fig Accord and Violet Wood. It's deliciously sweet and it's really fruity. However, it's all underpinned with a floral, musky finish. For me, it's literally my perfect scent, it's everything I look for in a perfume, especially in the Spring.

GirlCrush* is the latest product from Ghost and it basis for the perfume is about reliving memories. Ghost wants you to remember your “first crush, the first girl band you formed or that spellbinding first kiss”. It’s a nostalgic love potion!  It’s a fruity fragrance including pomegranate, summery peach, raspberry, rose, pink peony and fresh almond flowers. The sweetness is balanced by musk, vanilla and rich cedarwood. 

I'd love to hear about your favourite Spring products in the comments below, I'm always looking for new things to try!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Papergang from Ohh Deer

I'm not joking when I say that I honestly think I have a stationery problem. I've recently bought so many notebooks, cards, pens, postcards and loads of random paper. When I saw the Papergang from Ohh Deer drop into my inbox, I actually think my heart skipped a beat. It's a little bit sad, but after buying lots of random beauty boxes, I love finding something a little bit different.

The Papergang from Ohh Deer launched recently and it's the latest way to get your paper fix. Each month you will receive a box full of brilliant stationery. The box will be filled with all sorts of goodies, including cards, notebooks, accessories and even art prints. Each month will be designed with an artist and will have a special theme. The Papergang even promise that you will never get a repeat box! Almost all the products will be exclusive to the Papergang before it goes on sale in the Ooh Deer shop, so you don't have to worry about getting something you already have.

Inside this months box I got a real mix of products, which I love! There are three greeting cards which I love, for someone who is dog obsessed like me, this is heaven! There is two notebooks, one with butterflies which is ruled inside and one covered in triangles which is plain inside. I also got some wrapping paper which is covered in zoo animals and two pencils with quirky slogans.

I'm actually in love with this subscription box, I love that it's not ridiculously expensive too! It only costs £9.95 a box, plus £1.95 for deliver in the UK. I've currently subscribed for three months and I know that I won't be able to unsubscribe! You can subscribe to the Papergang here


Monday, 21 March 2016

An Intro To treaclemoon & Their Mobile App

I cannot believe that treaclemoon has taken so long to reach my radar. It's such a quirky, fabulous independent, British brand and I'm sad that it took me so long to try it. In short treaclemoon is a body and bodycare brand, stocking a whole host of bodycare products. They have body scrubs, shower gels, body butters and hand washes. What is lovely, is that all the products come in a ton of fabulous scents. There really is something for everyone, from 'The Lemonade Days' which is a citrus scent, to 'Marshmallow Hearts', to my personal favourite 'My Coconut Island'. The brand aims to not take life to seriously, a sentiment that treaclemoon is lost in the beauty world in 2016. 

I've recently been testing some treaclemoon products from the 'My Coconut Island' line. I have the 'My Island Coconut Body Scrub' and the 'My Island Coconut Bath and Shower Gel' - I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. I've mentioned before that I'm a complete coconut addict and I've felt like a walking coconut with this amazing duo. The products are creamy, they smell amazing and the best bit is that they are so cheap - prices start at £2.49 and you can pick products up in Tesco and Waitrose! I really do not think that these products look cheap, they actually look sophisticated and they would make a really nice gift.

Some pretty exciting news has recently dropped about the brand new treaclemoon mobile app! treaclemoon say that some of their best ideas have come from their customers. Even at the very start of their journey (in 2007) customers would post their ideas to treaclemoon, complete with colourful drawings. Lets face it, time has moved on from the letter, so treaclemoon have made a super easy app to turn YOUR ideas into concepts. The new mobile app is available both on Android and iOS, it allows you to create imaginative new products! You can choose the fragrance, pick a name and even design the bottle. 

Better yet, if you choose to share your ideas on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you could win a prize in the monthly drawer. The prize could be as much as £100, but my personal favourite is the giant inflatable doughnut! Click here for more information about the app and visit the treaclemoon website to learn more about the brand. 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Best of British Box by You Beauty

You Beauty Discovery recently rebranded to the more simple "You Beauty Box", which means they've swamped their old cream box, for this more chic alternative. This months theme is all about Britain, sharing the best in British beauty. Now I get a variety of beauty boxes, but the You Beauty Box is the best value for the price you pay. Lots of people comment on my blog saying that they don't have the money to waste on a beauty box, because you never know what you're going to get. What's different about You Beauty, is that you pick the items from a shortlist and you only pay £6.95. 

When you logon to your account each month, you're presented with a range of products to choose from. You simply pick your favourites and then your box gets put in the post. When your box arrives you know exactly what you're getting and then you get a bunch of extra treats too. Lets take a look at the contents and what I picked this month...

Nanshy 4-in-1 Makeup Blending Sponge

Before this month's You Beauty Box I'd never heard of Nanshy. The MARVEL 4 in 1 Makeup Blending Sponge is designed to work with all kinds of makeup. You can use it on liquid, cream, minerals and powders. Which means you can use it for your foundation, powder, blusher, highlight and contour! It would be a great travel companion!

LOLA Purple Nail Polish
Now, I've heard of LOLA but I've never had a chance to try any of their products. The LOLA range of nail polishes are formulated with Expert Gel III technology. It's designed to have a high gloss finish, with resistant wear. It's also designed to be extra fluid, which makes it easier to apply.

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal 
The Moisture Seal range from Charles Worthington is enriched with nourishing Argan Oil. What I love is that it smells so fresh, with notes of lime, mandarin and white florals. The cream is lightweight, yet it still infuses a lot of moisture into the hair.  

Rosie Glow Face Masks
The Rosie Glow Face Masks from Ooharr are designed to be intensely nourishing and balancing. They are made with a mix of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals. They are made to moisturise and hydrate skin, which makes it feel soft, supple and regenerated.

The You Beauty Box is definitely one of the cheapest and best value boxes on the market. This little box from You Beauty comes out once a month and costs a tiny £6.95. The best bit (in my opinion) is that you get to pick to products from a selection. 

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Volume in One Coat | Colossal Go Extreme

My eyeshadow palette obsession cannot be denied, but my mascara obsession is a little more under the radar. I’ve got a lot of mascaras in my collection; I can never ever resist buying the latest release to test and review. However, the Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara* seemed to slip under my radar, until now.

I’m a big fan of Maybelline mascaras; I think they have struck the right balance between performance and price, bringing great and affordable mascaras to the high street. The Colossal Go Extreme Mascara is no exception, designed to be a plumping mascara to enhance eyelashes. It’s been formulated at a clump-free formula and I have to agree that it feels quite light and watery. When I first tried it, it didn’t blow me away, but now it’s been open for a few days, it has thickened up and it’s easier to use. The formula gives you jet-black lashes in just one sweep, the amount of volume is buildable with each extra coat.

What is interesting about the Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara is that it has a unique wand design. It has a double curved wand; this allows more product to reach the brush. The brush itself is huge, designed to give extra volume making it easy to achieve bold lashes.

This mascara is definitely designed to give volume, it’s fantastic if like me you have naturally long lashes but need some extra definition. If you need volume and lots of it, this is for you! You can pick up the Maybelline's Colossal Go Extreme Mascara from Fragrance Direct for £2.90 here. 
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