Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sleek Face Contour Kit

"The Face Contour Kit combines a dark matte pressed powder and an illuminating highlighter, in a handbag-friendly mirrored palette. Contour Kit works to sculpt your features and has amazing slimming effects."

I've recently become a little obsessed with contouring my face, I think the most obvious reason why is because my my cheekbones are non existent and my face is as round as an orange! I think its a great thing to experiment with, I'm definitely not an expert yet but I'm working on it! As with all Sleek Make Up pieces, the contour kit comes in the uber cute black packaging! I really love the packaging of the Sleek pieces, its just understated and looks great! Of course the other handy thing is the mirror! I love having handy mirrors in the products! I loved that inside you get a little leaflet to explain how to contour your cheeks and your nose, it had some great tips inside.

When you're as pale as me, the brown shade is a little scary but as you can see it's not heavy pigmented. This (for once) is a good thing, otherwise you would get a massive patch of brown stuck on your face that you can't blend or move. As it goes this is super workable and blendable and it's a great shade to work with. It just makes contouring easy for beginners! I think the best thing about the palette is that it comes paired with a highlighter, so if you're travelling you don't have to carry around two products, you can just chuck this in a suitcase and be sorted!

The cost of the palette is a reasonable £6.49 which is a great price for the product! The palette comes in three shades, so if you have darker skin than me there is always something to suit!

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