Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mark Hill: Love Big Hair range!

My hair and I have a love-hate relationship. It's hard to manage, it has a mind of it's own, it gets greasy in the click of two fingers and it has expensive taste! For two years my hair has only liked John Fredia's hair range, no matter what I tried, no matter what routine I adopted, it only liked John Frieda. I have no idea where this love of expensive shampoo and conditioner came from? I come from a very poor family and for the entirety of my childhood we'd use Asda's own brand shampoo and conditioners or something to the same effect. But I made the mistake of jumping an expensive brand to prolong my hair dye colour and now I can't go back! 

Anyway, a little while back you may have seen that I invested in a Mark Hill hairdryer, I loved it and it got me interested in the hair styling range! So when I saw the Mark Hill on three for two in Boots I brought it on a whim to try. I never have to think hard about which shampoo to buy in a range. My hair is as flat as a pancake! It was no volume at all, so I always buy the range to give you volume or the range to prolong hair colour. As you can see this is part of the volume range. The beautiful colours on the front immediately caught my eye! What Mark Hill at Boots say about the Shampoo:

"If you have always wanted thicker, fuller hair, then this is the stuff dreams are made of. Add body, thickness and bounce to give you big beautiful hair every day with Mark Hill Love Big Hair! Big It Up Volume Shampoo. Mark Hill Big Hair! Big it up! Volume Shampoo starts building in strength, thickness and volume from the minute it lathers up. Big is beautiful! Using an amazing combination of natural ingredients, this light weight formula is perfect to use on even the finest of hair. Your hair is left looking and feeling thicker, stronger and with lots of body and bounce – it truly is the answer to all your dreams. You can use Big it Up! every day, and it’ll never leave a build-up or make your hair feel too soft. Just work it into wet hair, give it a little massage through, rinse and repeat if you need to. Use a touch of Big is Better Volume Conditioner afterwards, and wait for everyone to notice."

I have to admit this shampoo and conditioner does everything it says on the tin! My hair is much thicker and oozes volume, its big and bouncy and I love it. It hasn't solved how greasy my hair gets (yet it doesn't claim to) and I doubt I'll find a product that ever will! As I've said before Mark Hill is particularly pricey, retailing at £5.49 for 250mls, but I always try to buy when it's selling for 3 for £10 which makes it a lot more affordable! I'll definitely buy this again to use in conjunction with my John Frieda range! Next on my hit list is Mark Hill's Big Blow Volume Spray, which won the best volumizer award from Cosmo this year! It's safe to say I have high hopes!

I'm amazed with this shampoo and it's been nice to use something different than John Frieda! 
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