Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sleek Storm Palette

I'm a bit late to the Sleek bandwagon, I'm not sure why, I've just never got round to placing an order, but recently I had a little Superdrug haul and could not resist any longer.
I chose Sleek Storm as I'm a bit of a neutral fan and if I'm being honest I didn't notice that Sleek had a dedicated natural palette (whoops!).

Here's the blurb from the website;

"The Storm i-Divine palette comprises of 12 strong and rich shades perfect for accentuating the eyes and creating natural looks.

The velvet-touch consistency gives full and shimmering coverage to the eye lid for maximum effect. Each shade can be applied alone for a dramatic effect or mixed to create a personalised look.

Best applied with the applicator enclosed.

We've recently given our i-Divines a makeover! The outer packaging has been updated and the way the eye shadows are pressed are different. They are now pressed flat instead of the original waffle print. "

Anyway this palette is priced at £7.99 which is pretty reasonable really! I love the packaging, I really love anything that comes in a box and I've actually kept it in the box between uses, I'm looking after it carefully! I believe the box is a new addition to the product as well as the new flat pressed shadow! I have to admit I did notice the lack of the waffle print almost straight away and I did miss it! I normally use the waffle print to spot palettes in Blog Sales etc! The palette also comes with a little booklet, I got a bit excited thinking it might be a "create the look" book but its actually a product catalogue. I love the fact the product has a big mirror! It's actually beginning to annoy me that the MUA palettes don't have them now as I've been using this and the Lovely Day (Accessorize) palettes too much.

The eyeshadows are lovely and pigmented, the swatches are literally one finger swipe! You definitely have to be careful about how much you use of the darker colours! The colours are easy to use and blend beautifully! I don't use the applicator provided as I hate them. They are so hard to use and really don't give you great results! 

Hope you enjoy the swatches and photos below!

You can buy the palette here from Superdrug.
You can also buy the palette here from Sleek direct!

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