Wednesday, 8 February 2012

100th post - Dear 14 year old self!

I've wanted to do something special for my 100th post and I've been meaning to write this letter for ages! My best friend, Sophie wrote her take on the Twitter trend this afternoon and it inspired me to go for it and finally write mine, I hope you enjoy it!

Dear 14 year old me,

Hey there, that’s right it’s me – only I’m 20 now, a whole six years has passed. I know you’re a right stubborn old moo, but I’ve got some advice for you!

First off, love! Right now you think falling in love with the perfect person is the world and in fact, you’ll think it for a long time to come yet. A guy is about to come into your life, claiming his undying love for you, you’ll have fun for a good year or so, you think you love him, but then you’ll start growing up and life will change things. Don’t stick around and get treated like a mug, you’ll end up wasting three years of your life. Don’t let him get away with cheating on you, you’ll know when the relationships lived its course, don’t be afraid to admit it to save face.  Never, ever go on the rebound, telling yourself you’re worthless and putting yourself in danger by meeting guys on the internet, he is an utter creep and your friends are too scared to tell you. When a guy you’ve been with just one month dumps you, don’t beat yourself up about it, definitely don’t sit in his car crying your eyes out telling him you’ll change. Be strong and stand on your feet. Definitely don’t let him run your life for the next month, because the perfect guy is round the corner and he won’t wait forever! Don’t worry though, you will eventually stand up for yourself and take no rubbish from anyone, but this time the guy genuinely loves you and he’s going to stick around for a long time yet! 

Oh by the way when that dick side tackles you when playing football and you sprain your knee, GO TO HOSPITAL, it will course you problems for years to come otherwise! Also in 6 years, you’ll look back at pictures of yourself and just see a girl wearing a lot of eyeliner, lay off it a bit eh?

Don’t worry about your exams so much and definitely don’t give up, you’ll get amazing GCSE’s and A-Levels and your Dad will be so proud of you! He’ll even cry at your GCSE results and you know how rare that is! 

Your true best friend is just around the corner, but you’ve got a while before they appear, but when you find her she’ll be there for you! Tell her everything and enjoy every second of Sixth Form, you’ll miss it when it’s over and there is no going back! 

Tell everyone you care about exactly what you think, don’t let them pull you apart by stamping on your heart, if you want them to know what they mean to you, you’ll have to tell them, don’t let them slip away.

In the next two years everything will change, you’re about to get a step-mum,  yes I know, you already have one, but your Dad’s and her relationship is about to fall apart in front of you and cause utter chaos! It’s NOT the end of the world. Yes Dad will mope around and struggle to find the real him, but when he finds him again, you’ll have a fantastic relationship. The new girlfriend will turn your life upside down, you will very quickly go from a family of 3, to a family of 8, then a family of 7, it will be tough, you’ll have moments where you hate each other, but in six years time you will have a truly fantastic relationship. Remember, everything happens for a reason!

When you have the opportunity, keep your Nan and Grandad close to you, your only sister is about to ruin your 18th Birthday and take everyone away from you. Fight for them and don’t accept defeat. You’ll end up feeling like you have no family, I have to admit, even the 20-year-old me doesn’t know how this ends yet, just keep hoping.

That all sounds pretty dull and mostly depressing, but listen everything will work out in the end and you will be happy. Oh, you know that place you’ve never even heard of yet, yes that’s right, University, pretty soon you and Sophie will become obsessed in getting there, so many tears are on their way, but I’ll tell you a little secret, you get your grades and you’ll be off to Southampton, you’ll even meet some amazing people and excel in ways you don’t know are possible! Sounds slightly pretentious, but it will make sense! shhh!

All this is kind of hopeless, without you making these mistakes, you wouldn’t be you! Just live, there is no time for regrets!

That’s all for now,
 x x x
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